Create a Patient Estimate

  • Estimate the cost of your care using Guthrie’s online estimate tool.  At this time we are offering several commonly requested “shoppable services” through our online estimate tool.  Examples of common shoppable services include, but are not limited to, imaging (x-rays, CT扫描, 核磁共振成像, etc) and laboratory services, medical and surgical procedures, and outpatient clinic visits.  If you have any questions regarding the use of this tool or the information provided, please contact our certified Financial Counselors at :
    • Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital, Corning Hospital, Troy Community Hospital and Towanda Memorial Hospital: (570) 887-4371
    • Guthrie Cortland Medical Center: (607) 756-3838
  • The pricing information provides an estimate only. It is based on the information we currently have available at the time of the request and is not a guarantee of what you will be charged. 
  • It is impossible to predict the final charges that will result from your services, as there are many variables involved, such as length of time spent in surgery or recovery, specific equipment used, 供应 & medications, plus many other items.  For more information on our charges, please visit Understanding Your Charges section.

Create an Estimate

This link leads to the machine-readable files that are made available in response to the federal Hospital Price Transparency mandate. This file includes gross charges, discounted cash price, payer-specific negotiated charges, de-identified minimum negotiated charges, and de-identified maximum negotiated charges.